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As a writer myself, I understand and value the author's voice and know the importance of a clean manuscript.


Thus, my goal as an editor is to help authors produce engaging, entertaining, and fluid fiction manuscripts by offering quality work and a timely turnaround without undermining and/or changing the author's style. 


I use my love for the world of words, my eye for grammar, spelling, structure, and consistency, as well as my extensive reading habits to help authors polish their work and make it shine like the gem it deserves to be. 





MA in Literature and Linguistics with a focus on Semantics and Syntax, 2007


Courses in Copyediting, Proofreading, and Structural Editing (Professional Editing Extension Certificate), 2014



I have worked with authors of contemporary fiction, adult fiction, and YA fiction, as well as BA and MA students in English Literature and Creative Writing (thesis work, papers, essays.)






Structural Editing

Extensive Editing

Content Editing


Creative Writing

Fiction (focus on general/contemporary fiction, romance, adult fiction, supernatural fiction, YA fiction)


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