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Editing Services


I provide different levels of editing: proofreading, copyediting, structural editing, and extensive editing.


Please read below for detailed explanations and prices.


Price: $0.0035/word

More often than not, the editorial skills of proofreading and copyediting are confused with each other.


The goal of proofreading is correction, not revision. A proofreader ensures that no errors remain or have been introduced during the production stage, For example, proofreaders check for double words, missing words, homophones, missing periods, and check aesthetic issues like extra spaces, widows, and orphans.


Price: $0.0035/word

Extensive Editing

Price: $0.0125/word

An extensive edit includes a copyedit as well as a structural edit. This type of editing is the most time consuming, as it needs several rounds of both copyediting and reorganizing of content and structure, as well as a stylistic edit (ensuring meaning is clear and understandable, polishing sentences, rewriting in plain language)


Price: $0.0125/word


Price: $0.0055-$0.0095/word

A Copyedit includes checking and correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency, and facts, as well as characters' motivations and backstory, depending on the level of copyediting required.


Light Copyedit: correcting all errors in grammar, syntax, and usage; ensuring consistency in all mechanical matters; pointing out patches that seem wordy or convoluted, and supplying suggested edits; noting  repetitions in word usage and content; asking for definitions likely to be new to readers; quering any facts that seem incorrect; quering faulty organization and gaps in logic and flow; noting any text that may require permission to reprint. Check for structure and content. 


Price: $0.0055/word

Medium Copyedit (most common):  Light copyedit plus supplying suggested edits for repetitions in word usage and content; verifying and revising any facts that are incorrect;

Higher occurrence of light edits.

Price: $0.007/word


Heavy Copyedit: Medium copyedit plus rewriting any wordy or convoluted patches;  fixing faulty organization and gaps in logic. 

Higher occurrence of medium edits. 


Price: $0.009/word

Sample Edit

FREE for up to 3,000 words

Send me part of your manuscript for a FREE sample/trial edit.


Sample/trial edits give you the opportunity to see if you agree with the edits I suggest and let you determine if you would like to hire me for the full manuscript.


I suggest you send me the first couple of chapters, up to a maximum of 3,000 words.


During the trial edit I will also conduct an evaluation to let you know what level of editing I suggest.

Minimum charge: $25.00

All editing services are priced in US Dollars and include one round of revisions 

(no revisions on sample/trial edits and proofreading.)

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